Watch out, Etsy.

Oh, hi everyone. Welcome to 2014. I have had a year and now I am having another year. Consider yourselves updated.

Here in Chicago, we’re deep into that part of winter where my life becomes a pageant of grandpa sweaters, deranged circadian rhythms, and choking back tears at YA books/ABBA songs/unexpected conversation. In short, it’s becoming clear that I need a seasonal hobby to keep myself from going off the deep end. The usual suspects of reading, writing, and way too much Internet require too much thinking for them to do me any good here. It has to be something concrete, physical, repetitive, and kind of ridiculous.

Is it legal to sell yarn made of cat fur online? Someone needs to start earning her damn keep around the house.


This came from a very cursory brushing. And yes, you DID need to see it.

Someone please talk me out of this. There has to be a more dignified way of subsidizing my junk food and magazine habits plans for ongoing self-development.